Here is what people are saying about Allegiance Volleyball... Kristi F (parent): "My daughter joined Allegiance in her 8th grade year.  We had no prior experience with club volleyball so we didn't know what to expect.  Jenn and Sean were awesome.  From the very first lesson with them I knew this was where she would grow and learn. The summer between her 8th grade and 9th grade year she went from being an overlooked player to a starter on her high school team. I can't even begin to put into words what Jenn and Sean did for her, but the proof is in the pudding.  My daughter has become an incredible, all round player.   Her coaches didn't just focus on just one aspect of her game but devoted their time to making her an invaluable player." KH (former player): "Although I only played for Allegiance for a year I learned a tremendous amount of things that made me into a better player. Sean and Jen teach volleyball but also allow the girls to learn about real life situations and what they can take from this sport to benefit them later in life. That's what makes Allegiance different from other club's…” Steve O (parent): "Our daughter is new to Allegiance. She spent the past four years at another area gym. The difference between Allegiance and the other gym is already like night and day. The atmosphere at Allegiance is intense. The girls work HARD during practice, focusing on skill development, conditioning, and mental mastery of the game. Our daughter recently stated that she "...already feels like a different player." The atmosphere is also incredibly positive. Despite all of the intense work, there is a positive spirit to all of the practices. You can tell that the girls enjoy and appreciate being there.  Coach Sean and Coach Jenn care deeply about pushing the girls to their highest ability and beyond; both in their skills and in the expectations they have of each girl. Sean and Jenn also care deeply about shaping the moral character of these young ladies. This is not just lip service at Allegiance. Pauses in the training to talk about peer pressure, dedication to excellence, honesty, or the importance of being good students are common, as are the weekly devotionals and the group prayers that end every practice. There is a sense of caring, family, community, and mutual respect at Allegiance that we felt was lacking at our previous club. This is not about forced club chants or wearing club shirts. Instead, this is about the knowledge that your daughter is genuinely cared about by the owners and coaches. There is an expectation that older players respect and encourage younger players.  It is not uncommon to see Sean and Jenn attend school functions in support of the girls. It would not be possible for our daughter and us to feel more positive about coming to Allegiance. Our only regret is that it took us so long to get here."
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