Meet Our Coaches

Our staff is selected based upon experience and how they interact with the athletes. All of Allegiance Volleyball coaches are IMPACT, SafeSport, R2 and Score certified as a minimum requirement. They all come with years of experience coaching volleyball and various other sports. Allegiance Volleyball is a Junior Olympic program that is dedicated to enhancing Houston area volleyball athletes abilities to further their career at the high school or collegiate levels. Coach Jenn McQueary has been coaching for 16 years for the North Texas Region and is CAP I, IMPACT, SafeSport, R2, and Score certified. During her time as a coach, Jenn has seen 100% of all seniors receive full or partial scholarships offers to various schools throughout the United States for college. There have been numerous instances of players who began the season as bench warmers, ending the season receiving all district, all state, and all star awards. As a player Jenn was a setter and an outside hitter. She received 2nd team all district twice, 1st team all district twice, all county twice, all state twice, and all star once. She is very accomplished in this sport and wants to take players from whatever level they are at now and step them up to higher and higher levels. To accomplish this, the girls are pushed hard and mediocrity is never accepted. The foundation of our effort is on respect. Coach Jenn always respects and cares about each and every girl that steps on the court. It is expected that our players will respect other players, the coaches, and the game of volleyball. Coach Sean McQueary has been coaching for 8 years in volleyball for the North Texas Region prior to opening AVB in 2011. He is IMPACT, CAP I, SafeSport, R2, and Score Certified. In his experience coaching the hitters, he has learned outstanding techniques to help girls advance quickly and effectively. His passion is to see the girls grow throughout the years and have each girl have an opportunity for a college scholarship. He expects all athletes to be hard workers who are willing to learn and grow their experience levels.

Coach Katelynn Ortiz - 15 Black (Picture and Bio Coming Soon)  

Coach Marissa Thomas - 14 Red & 16 Black (Bio Coming Soon)

Coach Marcie Rodriguez - 11 Black & 13 Royal  (Bio Coming Soon)

Coach Kenna Sustaire - 11 Black & 13 Royal (Bio Coming Soon)

Coach Bekah Troy - Strength, Conditioning, and Yoga (Bio Coming Soon)

Coach Destiny McGraw - 11 Black & 13 Royal (Bio Coming Soon)

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